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Why you should consider reclaimed wood furniture for your home

Reclaimed wood furniture has seen a big uptake in the last few years as people look towards being greener and more ethical in their choices, while wanting long-lasting items that will complement their home for years to come. The beauty of this type of furniture is that not only does it fit into almost any décor style, each piece is unique and adds character to a room.

Reclaimed wood furniture is eco-friendly because we reuse boards that have been used on building sites. These boards tend to be pine or spruce wood, are sturdy and long-lasting (they have to pass lots of stringent onsite building regulations!), and are used to wear and tear. They also create great-looking pieces, whether you’re pairing them with industrial-style legs, or classic wooden ones.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood basically means wood that has previously been used in some way (in our case as part of scaffolding structures), and is no longer required so is turned into something new. It wasn’t originally produced specifically for what it is now being reused for, but now that its original purpose is finished, it is lovingly restored and transformed into something else. It’s similar to recycling – but with a bit more love and care involved to produce something that can last for many more years.

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

Types of Reclaimed Wood Furniture Available

The range of furniture you can have with reclaimed wood is huge – it lends itself well to so many things. You can have big, stand-out feature pieces, or more subtle items that blend into their surroundings. There are pieces of furniture to match many styles of décor, and various colour stains we can use to get the perfect colour for your room. From office furniture to dining room pieces, storage options and stands, kitchen tops and tables, shelves and so much more, reclaimed wood is a truly versatile option when it comes to creating beautiful, bespoke items. Check out all the full range you could have to finish off your home, office or business.

Dining Tables Made from Reclaimed Wood

A dining table is the centre of many homes – a place for sharing meals with family, housemates or friends, somewhere to gravitate towards when entertaining, the location of games or craft afternoons. Whatever you use your table for, you want something that is sturdy, long-lasting and well-made.

You might want it to be the main feature of your room, or maybe something that blends in with its surroundings. There are so many options for reclaimed wood tables, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you. You could go for an industrial look with our X-Frame legs, a reclaimed wood table top with wooden oak legs or maybe something a bit more colourful to brighten things up with bright coloured hairpin legs. There are also round tables, if that’s more your taste!

No matter which dining table takes your fancy, there are a range of colours and sizes you can get them in, so that they will always fit in with your home.

Delve deeper into choosing the right reclaimed wood dining table and our recommendations for your home with this article.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – Square Frame Legs

Reclaimed Wood Desk Top

While many of us may not enjoy having to spend too much time working, it always helps to have a desk that feels comfortable, sturdy and stylish while you’re at it. You might want it to blend in with the rest of the room, fit into a small space, or maybe be a focal point of a room – or even double up as something else. A reclaimed wood desk can be whatever you need it to be, and can be crafted to just the right size for you.

As with tables, you can get a variety of styles depending on your taste, and there are also different desks for different functions! You might want a simple hairpin leg desk, or maybe a desk with a shelf to hold your monitor or laptop. Or if you like things to be neat and tidy, there are desks with hidden compartments to hide everything away.

Whatever it is you need, it’s always nicer to work on a desk that feels made just for you.

Top Punk Desk - Plants - Office
Reclaimed Wood Dining Desk – Top Punk

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Bookcases are great, and not just for holding books! They look great filled with pictures, plants, trinkets, glasses, anything you need to store. And they’re a great feature in a room, fit well into alcoves or alongside chimney breasts, or just along a spare wall.

Having a reclaimed wood bookcase is a sustainable way to get the storage you need, while having an attractive piece of furniture at the same time. You could get it stained in a nice, natural wood colour to give a classic look to the room, or you could even paint it to make it a stand-out piece!

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Whether you need some extra seating for when you have more people round, want it as a permanent fixture around your table, like the idea of having some extra seating in the hallway or one of your rooms, or even want a bench outside from which to admire your garden, reclaimed wood benches are extremely versatile.

From benches to match an industrial table, to outdoor benches, or ones that can blend into your home, reclaimed wood benches are a great addition to give you some extra seating.

You could leave them as they are with their natural look or request a stain so that they match other items. And when in the home, they could have a cushion or shaggy throw on them to make them an ideal seat for longer periods. 

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Another great storage option is shelving, and having shelves from reclaimed wood adds an extra feature to any room.

No matter what you need, our shelves can work for you. Whether you want a wood stain to help them stand out, or you want to paint them so that they blend in with the walls, reclaimed wood shelves give you the storage you need in an attractive style.

You could have shelves with industrial brackets, floating shelves or our steampunk shelves that give an added twist. There’s also the option to choose your own length and depth of the shelves depending on the size you need. Using reclaimed wood for shelves is a great way to create storage in an environmentally considerate way, and they look great too! Plus, there’s so many ways you can style them.

Narrow Floating Shelf
Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Coffee Table with Reclaimed Wood

Coffee tables make a brilliant centrepiece to your living room, and when they’re made with reclaimed wood, the finished piece is extra special. Whether it’s a round, square or rectangle one you’re after, reclaimed wood can give you what you need.

Like the dining tables and desks, they are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, and can be styled to blend in to the surroundings, or stand out if you prefer! And with a choice of colours and legs to choose from, buying a reclaimed wood coffee table will give you a bespoke piece that works perfectly in your home.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood TV Stands

If you prefer having a solid stand for your TV rather than attaching it to your wall, reclaimed wood tv stands are a great and stylish choice. You could opt for a simple stand that can hold your tv, or something with in-built storage if you have other gadgets or pieces you want to keep tidy.

Reclaimed wood tv stands are sturdy and reliable, stand the test of time and look great in your living room.

TV Stand - Box Unit - Jacobean
Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

Console Table Reclaimed Wood

Console tables are great items to fit into hallways, or in narrow spaces, and give you that extra bit of storage and style. An additional shelf to hold all the bits and pieces that don’t have a home, our reclaimed wood tables fit in well to many different surroundings.

Choosing the right one for your home can be easy – just figure out whether you’d like a richer wood colour or something more natural, or even a neutral white colour, and make sure you measure up properly so you know what size you need. Then all you need to do is fit it in place when it arrives, and you’re good to go!

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Using reclaimed wood for flooring is a great way to bring some character into a room, and is a more sustainable option that vinyl flooring. Once everything is measured, cut and laid, it will give your room a timeless and long-lasting floor from which you can then shape the style of the room on.

There are a few different ways you can use reclaimed wood when laying the floor, depending on the style you want to go for. And again, different finishes will give it a different feel – so there will be something that’s right for your room.

Reclaimed Wood Console Table


Is reclaimed wood safe for indoor use?

Yes, our reclaimed wood has been properly treated for indoor use. We thoroughly clean the wood we source from local suppliers and use food safe finishes across our range of furniture.

How do I care for reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood furniture requires minimal maintenance. Regular dusting and occasional cleaning with a mild soap and water solution are usually sufficient. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the wood’s patina. Further information can be found here.

Can reclaimed wood furniture be customised?

Yes, one of the advantages of reclaimed wood furniture is its versatility. All our pieces can be tailored to your specific style, size, and design preferences. This allows you to have unique furniture that perfectly suits your needs.

Where can I find reclaimed wood furniture?

All the furniture we make is from reclaimed wood, shop our full range of handmade furniture.

Final Thoughts

Reclaimed wood furniture is a great compliment to any home or work space, whether it’s larger items such as tables or desks, or smaller pieces like shelves and coffee tables. It goes well in any room you need, and the beauty of it is you can get something that perfectly suits your style and needs.

By deciding to have reclaimed wood furniture, you aren’t only helping to reduce waste, you’re also able to get something bespoke that perfectly fits your space. You can also decide what kind of style you’re going for and tailor the furniture to suit that – whether it’s more of an industrial look, traditional wooden design, something simple, or a stand-out conversation piece, all our furniture is designed with you in mind.

The beauty of having reclaimed wood furniture is that, not only will it last for years to come, it is easily maintained and you know each piece has been made with care, and has given the wood a new lease of life.

Of course, there’s even more you can make with reclaimed wood beyond what is sold online. It can be fashioned into almost any item you could want for your home or office, so if you have the vision, we can help!

It all depends on what other pieces of furniture would you want to have made out of reclaimed wood?

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