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How to Choose the Right Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables are the new wave in the home décor world. They add a modern, rustic feel to any space and they only get better with age! But what’s the best way to find your perfect table? As reclaimed wood furniture makers, we will detail how to select the best reclaimed wood dining table for your home.

There are many factors that go into this decision-making process, but don’t worry–we’ll walk you through them one by one!

If you’re looking for a large, modern industrial look, check out our frame tables. For small to mid size, rustic dining room ideas, take a look at our Hairpin leg table set or with copper hairpin legs.

You’ll also want to consider these things before making any big purchases – how many people do you plan on sitting around the table? Which type of legs should I choose? Will the table be used on a regular basis? What is your budget like?


What, Exactly, is a Reclaimed Wood Dining Table?

Every one of our solid wood dining tables are built with reclaimed wood sourced from a local woodstore. 

By using discarded and pre-used materials, we are doing our bit to prevent waste and be eco-friendly.

The beauty of using upcycled scaffold boards means your reclaimed wood dining table will be unique and full of character. Your reclaimed wood dining table may come with knots, old nail holes, dents, cracks and blemishes for an authentic, rustic look.

But don’t worry, we make sure everything is properly treated and suitable for its intended use – so it remains fully functional and stands the test of time.

Reclaimed Wood Scaffold Boards

How to Choose the Right Sized Dining Table

If your dining table is going to be the focal point of the room, where all the household regularly gather to eat, play and entertain for long periods of time. 

Then ideally you’ll want to purchase as big a dining table as possible from our Industrial Frame Range. Our frame legs can support the heaviest and biggest reclaimed wood table tops possible. 

Remember to keep in mind when measuring up your space: The table will need to be easily accessible from all sides, so everyone can sit comfortably at the table, and be able to get in and out of their chairs without obstacles in their way.

The general consensus for a comfortable seating experience with enough elbow room is approximately 70cm per person. But of course, this depends on the size of the person, and if you’re happy to snuggle up with your loved ones, this could easily be brought down to as little as 45-50cm per person. 

What's the Best Dining Table for Small Spaces?

If you’ve got limited room or your dining table is for occasional use only,  then the best dining tables for smaller spaces are our Hairpin Leg Dining Tables and Round Tables

Hairpin Legs are sleek, minimalist and super strong, which makes them ideal for small to mid sized tables that can be pushed up against the wall when not in use and can be easily moved around.  They’re also at the cheaper end of the price range, but not compromising on quality. 

Read on for a comprehensive look at all our table leg options further below. 

Dining Table Seat Chart

Use the following dining table size guide to work out which sized table will work best in your home. 

Seats – Dining Table SizeLengthWidth
4 Seater Dining Table Size 100 – 120cm 66 / 88cm
6 Seater Dining Table Size 120 – 160cm66 / 88cm
8 Seater Dining Table Size160 – 220cm 66 / 88cm
10 Seater Dining Table Size180 – 260cm x 88cm88cm
12 Seater Dining Table Size280 – 320cm x 88cm88cm

Standard Dining Table Height

All our table legs are of the standard dining table leg height of 71cm with a 3.5cm thick reclaimed wood table top. 

We place all our Hairpin Legs and Frame Legs approx. 5cm in from the edge of the table. We can position these wherever you prefer on request. In the next chapter we will look further into our range of hairpin leg tables.

Hairpin Leg Table: Best for Smaller Spaces

Hairpin legs were first invented in 1941 by Henry P. Glass during WWII when steel was scarce, so designs that used minimal materials were in demand.

Fast forward to today, the minimalist style of Hairpin Legs are perfect if you’re after a sleek and chic look in your home for a modern touch.

Hairpin Legs are available in 100% Raw Steel, Black and a variety of bright colours. So there’s plenty of scope to add a splash of colour and create a totally unique Reclaimed Wood Dinner Table with Hairpin Legs

The Hairpin Legs we use for our kitchen tables are made from 12mm thick steel, 3 rod, and can hold up to 120kg – the equivalent of a small baby elephant!

Light Teak & Raw Steel Hairpin Legs

Hairpin Leg Colours

The Raw Steel hairpin legs are untreated, so will eventually rust over time, leaving a cool industrial, weathered look. Select the Clear Coat finish if you like the steel look, but don’t want your legs to rust. 

The coloured legs are applied with a powder coat which protects your legs from rust and won’t easily chip. Copper hairpins are made from real copper which will age and develop a beautiful patina over time.

160 x 88cm, Jacobean Dark Oak, Raw Steel Hairpin Legs

Round dining tables are sociable and intimate tables, great for sharing meals and playing board games.  We have a variety of sizes available from small to very large. 

Jacobean Dark Oak, Black Hairpins

Hairpin Leg Dining Tables can be purchased on their own or as part of a Hairpin Dining Table Bench Set. 

The benches can be made to match the length of your table or designed to slide under when not in use. To slide under when not in use, benches are 30cm shorter than the selected table length. 

Jacobean Dark Oak, Raw Steel Hairpins & Matching Bench

Pros of Hairpin Legs

  • These legs are our most cost affective leg option, without compromising on quality.
  • Ideal for all different sizes and shapes of tables, from small to large and rectangular to round tables.  
  • Slim legs also means more of your friends and family are able to sit comfortably around the dinner table.
  • Hairpin legs are flexible and can be easily adapted for uneven floor surfaces. 
  • A wide variety of colours means there’s plenty of options to play with, to suit any decor and bring something else, ahem, to the table. 
  • Hairpin Legs are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 to 102 cm, so adaptable for a whole wide range of different types of reclaimed wood furniture designs. 
  • Raw Steel legs can be left to rust leaving a cool industrial look or can be personalised even further at home should you want to spruce them up further down the line.
  • Legs are supplied with all the appropriate wood screws and floor protectors. 

Cons of Hairpin Legs

  • Our recommended maximum table size for hairpin legs is 200 x 88 cm – we have used them for bigger tables on request without issue, but do suggest our frame legs if you want to go big!

Hairpin legs are great for smaller tables or those looking for a splash of colour to their legs and minimal design. If you’re after an industrial look and a big table, read on for our range of frame leg styles

Industrial Frame Legs: Best for Hosting Larger Parties

Do you want a big table? Then this is the style of legs for you.  

These industrial metal frame table legs are rock solid, and able to support the heaviest and largest of our reclaimed wood table tops, safely and stably.

Constructed from laser-cut 75mm x 25mm box section, an extra thick base plate, and full TIG welding.

We have several different styles of frame legs available in a black, raw or clear coat;

  • X-Frame (Standard & Chunky)
  • Square
  • Trapezium
  • A-Frame
  • Triangle 

The frame legs are placed approx. 5cm in from the edge of the table at each end, this placement is a design aspect to help accommodate the biggest bench possible being able to slide under the table when not in use.

Get in touch if you have any specific requirements or leave a message in the checkout notes for any requests for leg positioning.

X-Frame are our most popular choice of legs, they’re simply stunning,  commanding and incredibly well built. 

Ergonomically designed for your legs to go either side of the X for maximum comfort when seated at the head of the table.

These are slightly more expensive than our other frame table legs, due to the extra skill involved by our dedicated metal fabricator in creating the X-frame style, but worth every penny .

The Gun Metal option is untreated raw steel, so these will eventually rust over time, leaving a weathered, industrial look. A protective clear coat option is available on request, if you want the Gun Metal look, without the rust. 

The black leg option is  finished in a satin powder coat which provides a tough protective layer. 

Dining Table - X-Frame Legs
200x88cm, Jacobean Dark Oak, Black Square Frame Legs

Solid and classic square metal frame legs are another popular choice for our tables.

Designed in mind for your legs to go inside the frame when sat at the head of the table, as well as being able to tuck your chair through the frame of the legs when not in use.

Making them great space savers!

Rugger Brown, Gun Metal Square Frame Legs

Another popular choice, Trapezium table legs are the epitome of the modern industrial look, swish stylish and perfectly suited for any dining room.  

Again designed in mind for your legs to go through the frame when sat at the head of the table. 

You will only be able to get slimmer through chairs to tuck under, but fear not wider stance trapezium table legs are available on request. 

Jacobean Dark Oak, Black Trapezium Legs

This style of legs have a trestle table look about them, and come with a solid metal bar to rest your feet upon, these A Frame Legs will look great underneath your reclaimed wood dining table top. 

Medium Brown, Black A-Frame Legs

Last but certainly not least, is our Triangle Frame Set. 

We’ve paired V Frame table legs with polar opposite Trapezium Legs to complete this stunning triangle look. 

Rugger Brown, Gun Metal Triangle Legs

Industrial Dining Table Bench Sets

Add a matching bench when purchasing all of our dining tables to complete the look. Our benches are 30cm shorter than the selected table length so that they comfortably slide under when not in use. 

Medium Brown, Black Trapezium

These extra heavy duty legs are made from 75x25mm and can support our 110cm width tables.

  • Great for hosting larger groups of friends and family
  • Available up to 110cm wide
  • Can support larger weights
  • Offer even further stability

Pros of Industrial Frame Table Legs

  • Industrial frame legs can support the biggest and heaviest of our reclaimed wood table tops. 
  • Five different and unique styles of frame are available  to choose from – To match any style of home.
  • The Frame legs also work great with heavy desks. 
  • Frame legs are supplied with all the fixings and floor protectors to help prevent scratch marks. 
  • Add matching benches to get a 10% discount.

Cons of Industrial Frame Table Legs

  • Slightly more costly than the hairpin leg table range. 
  • Smaller range of coloured powdered finishes available, but do get in touch with us if you’re after a different finish from gun metal or black. 
  • Not suitable for round tables

An angled table leg with a tapered profile made from high quality European Oak. A perfect natural look for your table. A quality hardwood made from carefully selected single stave oak boards with characteristic, beautiful graining.

These legs can support up to 125kg.

The legs have been treated with a high quality Hard wax Oil finish which is designed to protect the wood while leaving a natural look and feel. 

Wooden Leg - Dining Table & Bench - Studio
Clear Finish

If you’re after a more traditional looking leg design, then our selection of Single Pin Legs are perfect. 

The Single Pin Legs are available in a straight box design or in a angled round style.

They have all the same benefits as hairpin legs and can support 120kg, but with a completely different leg style on offer.

Available in three durable powder coat colours – Black, Grey & White – that will wipe clean and last a lifetime.

Medium Brown, Black Single Pin Round Legs

These box legs can be aligned in the same orientation for a traditional look or we can align them at different angles to offer a more contemporary, modern look. 

Box legs measure 25 x 75mm. The steel metal legs have plastic feet for floor protection. 

Our default option is to position the legs in the traditional pose. Get in touch if you’d prefer them to be angled instead.

Echoes of a mid-century Scandinavian design, which can be positioned at different angles to offer a varied look. 

Single Pin Round legs have an 8-degree taper and are 50mm in diameter.

Supplied with screw and have plastic end caps for floor protection.

Now you know what type of legs we can provide, but what about the wood finish to compliment these legs? 

Our Range of Wood Finishes

Choosing the right wax finish for your scaffold board furniture is an important decision. And we know buying online can be difficult, so that’s why we offer wood samples for all our available wood finishes.

In our colour & style guide we look further into the available finishes with examples. 

Jacobean Dark Oak, Copper Hairpin Legs & Matching Bench

Our Most Purchased Styles of Tables;

  • Rugger Brown with Black – Hairpin / Frame Legs 
  • Rugger Brown with Gun Metal – Trapezium / Aged Industrial – Triangle 
  • Medium Brown with Raw Steel / Clear Coat – Hairpin Legs
  • Forest Brown with Zinc – Hairpin Legs
  • Jacobean Dark Oak with Copper Hairpin Legs
120x66cm, Light Teak, Raw Steel Hairpins & Matching Bench

The wax finishes, stains and oils mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it come to adding colour to your reclaimed wood.

Get in touch if there’s a particular colour or style you’re after. We’ve previously finished tables with a Belgium Grey Hard Wax Oil, Distressed Chalk Paint look and Lime Wax finishes.

Custom Made Dining Tables

At Project Reclaim we pride ourselves on building dining tables and furniture to fit any space in your home.

So after reading through all of our above tips & suggestions and browsing through our shop,  and you still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for?

Get in touch with your bespoke requests and we’ll work with you personally on designing the perfect table for your home. To help, send us as much information as you can about the furniture you’re after. Sketches, designs or pictures of already existing similar products, and anything else, that you think will help with creating your vision.

We will work with you step-by-step to create your perfect piece.

Customised Hand Made Dining Tables

There are many different styles of custom handmade dining tables available, including modern, rustic, industrial, and eclectic

When you buy custom-designed pieces for your home they will be unique to you – no one else in world has the same furniture as yours!

The best part about bespoke furniture is that it can be made exactly how you want it; whether this means changing colours or adding features like centrepieces or chamfered edges.

If there’s something specific that you’re looking for then we’ll find it for you – just ask! We work with all kinds of reclaimed materials and shapes so we can make anything possible

Whilst creating your reclaimed wood dining table, we always try to select pieces of timber with the most unusual & beautiful knots and natural blemishes on show, to create unique and characterful pieces.

For a further rustic look, we can also add a faux live edge to your wood top, which runs along both lengths of your reclaimed wood dining table. 

Adding a faux live edge or ‘Waney edge’ affect to your wood, creates a natural looking wavy affect.  along the grain of the wood incorporating and enhancing any existing characteristics. 

A faux live edge can be added to the full range of available Dining Tables to create a rustic reclaimed wood table top.

To do this, you will just need to add the Live Edge / Waney Edge: Add-on to your basket along with your chosen dining table. 

Complete the Look: Dining Table Chairs

We often get asked about the chairs seen in the photos with the dining tables, and where they’re from.

These are often sent in by our customers, so we have compiled and researched some similar styles that would add that finishing touch to your home.

Brand: WOLTU (Amazon)
Style: Woltu Dining Chair
Colour: Yellow

Table: Light Teak, Raw Steel Hairpin Legs & Matching Bench

NB: We couldn’t fit this exact chair, but this is a very close match. 

Brand: Manor Interiors
Style: Mundo Chair
Colour: Burnt Orange

Table: Jacobean Dark Oak, Copper Hairpin Legs & Matching Bench

NB: We couldn’t fit this exact chair, but this is a very close match. 

Brand: Peppermill Interiors

Table: Medium Brown, Gun Metal Square Legs


We often get sent photos of our tables we’ve made for customers, check out our Instagram for the latest pics and how they’ve stylised their furniture. 

Or leave a comment at the bottom of the page on your favourite styles. 


  • Reclaimed wood promotes sustainability by repurposing materials.
  • It adds unique character and charm to your dining space with its weathered and aged appearance.
  • Reclaimed wood is often more durable and stable than newly harvested wood.
  • Regularly clean the table with a soft cloth and mild soap or wood cleaner.
  • Avoid placing hot or wet objects directly on the wood surface to prevent damage.
  • You can choose the table shape, leg style, finish and size.
  • Get in touch for bespoke requests to create a unique design that suits your taste.
  • Measure the available space in your dining area to determine the maximum dimensions for the table.
  • Consider the number of people you need to accommodate and ensure there is enough seating space.
  • Account for the surrounding furniture and allow for comfortable movement around the table.

Final Thoughts

The only question left to answer is which type of recaimed wood dining table will you choose?

Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll help narrow down your options.

If you still need more information before making a decision, feel free to contact us for professional advice. We’ve got all the answers!

To see what we’ve been up to recently, check out our Instagram feed. It’s updated regularly with all our latest pieces of reclaimed wood furniture.

Read our full story so far


Luke is the chief maker of all the reclaimed wood furniture at Project Reclaim – a small family business that he set up in 2019. He is dedicated to using sustainably sourced materials and helping people bring their furniture ideas to life.

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