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Reclaimed Wood Table Top | Solid Wood Desk Tops | Rustic Wood Worktop | Salvaged Timber | Outdoor | Round

A rustic reclaimed wood table top ideal for adding your own set of legs for a DIY dining table, coffee table, desk or breakfast bar. Also can be used as kitchen worktops.

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Reclaimed Wood Table Top

Our Reclaimed Wood Table & Desk Tops are made from salvaged wood that has been carefully selected and crafted to create a unique and beautiful surface. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, with its own character and history. The wood is sanded and finished to create a durable surface that is perfect for use as a table top, Round table top, desk top, breakfast bar, or kitchen worktop. Can also be used for outdoor use.

– Made from reclaimed scaffold boards
– Each piece is unique
– Sanded and finished for durability
– Available in a variety of sizes and finishes

– Eco-friendly and sustainable
– Adds character and warmth to any space
– Durable and long-lasting
– Can be customized to fit your specific needs and style

The wooden tops are available in variety of different sizes and a wide range of wood finishes to choose from.

Thickness: 3.5cm

NB: The table top is built with two to three support brackets, depending on the size of the table, running underneath the width of the table at either end. These are in place to help keep the table top flat when the wood naturally acclimatises with its surroundings and the changing seasons.  These support brackets are usually placed 10-20cm in from the edge of the length of the wood and inset 5cm, either end from the width edge. See photo for example.

NB: All sizes are approx.

Delivery & Lead Time

Deliveries will be made Monday-Friday between 0800 and 1800. Advanced shipping options also available, please see our deliveries page for further info.

Lead Time

Latest lead times can be found in the drop down banner at the top of the page (you may need to refresh or open the page in a new tab for it to reappear).

Complex and bespoke items may take longer than the stated lead times. Get in touch for further details.

*Please understand that delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances, and shipping/collection dates are estimates only.

Reclaimed Wood

We’re committed to using reclaimed wood and upcycled materials sourced from local suppliers and turning them into new, beautiful timeless pieces of furniture.

Upcycled wood & movement

Your reclaimed wood furniture may come with bumps, dents, knots, rusted nail holes, old stains, rust marks, saw cuts, branded imprints, cracks and blemishes for an authentic rustic look.

By not using ‘mass manufactured perfectly straight timber’, unevenness is to be expected, so your wooden tops may not have completely flat surfaces and there may be slight gaps visible in between the timber joins.

Reclaimed wood is a live material and responds to its natural surroundings and, like all living things, it ages. So over time you may notice the wood changing slightly as it adapts to your home. This is completely normal.

Wax/Stain finishes

As each piece of timber is unique, there may be slight colour variations throughout your furniture, and even on a single board, as the wax/stain is applied.

The example of the available wood finishes are a small representation only and pictures will differ slightly from the real thing. If you’re unsure of the right finish to choose, wood samples can be ordered here

Get in touch if you have any design requests for the look of your table or photo requests to check you’re happy with your order prior to shipping.

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Reclaimed Wood Table Top | Solid Wood Desk Tops | Rustic Wood Worktop | Salvaged Timber | Outdoor | Round
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