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Bespoke Furniture

At Project Reclaim we pride ourselves on building bespoke furniture, from custom made Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Kitchen Worktops to Home Office Furniture, designed exactly how you want it to fit into your space.
When you buy custom-designed pieces for your home they will be unique to you – no one else in world has the same furniture as yours! There are many different styles of bespoke furniture available, including modern, rustic, industrial, and eclectic.

The best part about bespoke furniture is that it can be made exactly how you want it; whether this means different types of wood finishes or adding features like tailored legs or chamfered edges.

If there’s something specific that you’re looking for then we’ll find it for you – just ask! We work with all kinds of reclaimed materials and shapes so we can make anything possible. We will work with you step-by-step to create your perfect bespoke piece of furniture.

Bespoke Furniture Makers

From humble beginnings, Project Reclaim began as a side business building furniture from our garage at home for people in the local area. Quickly expanding to a fulltime bespoke furniture makers, we now craft handmade furniture from our workshop in the heart of Kent, the garden of England.

We have gone on to build an eclectic array of bespoke furniture pieces for pubs, cafes, restaurants and peoples homes.

Bespoke Wood Furniture

If you are looking for bespoke wood furniture that is both beautiful and durable, then reclaimed wood is the perfect option. We only use high quality reclaimed wood sourced from the local woodstore.  The best part about this material? It’s environmentally friendly!

We also work with a number of  UK based metal fabricators who only use 100% high quality steel.  

Bespoke Office Furniture

We can build bespoke office furniture to fit any space in your home, be it desks for small spaces or storage solutions. 

Get in touch if you’re after a Corner Desk, Standing Desk or anything else.  

Bespoke Kitchen Worktops

We build custom made bespoke kitchen worktops out of 100% reclaimed wood. Adapting our wood finishes to food safe, waterproof and long lasting. At home design service available, get in touch for further details. 

Get in touch

Send us your designs, sketches or pictures of similar products, and anything else, that you think will help with us creating your vision


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