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Easy DIY Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas: Beginner’s Guide

This ultimate beginner’s guide will show you the easiest DIY pallet garden furniture ideas that you can build for your backyard, patio, balcony or any other outdoor space.

Over the past several years I’ve built a number of different wooden pallet garden furniture. Ranging from sofa’s to chairs to wooden pallet tables and more. 

Some of which I still use in my own garden to this day, have given to friends and family, or sold on for profit. 

I will also show you exactly how I sell some of pallet garden furniture ideas further down the article.

Below you will find all the pallet garden furniture ideas, hacks and shortcuts.

I’ve learnt to build your furniture for minimal costs and using just basic tools. .

Pallet Sofa

Garden pallet sofas are a fantastic, cheap option to add large or small seating areas to your garden or outside space

It’s incredibly quick and easy to knock up several wooden pallet sofas, that can line up around the whole edge of your garden.

So when you have all your friends and family over for a BBQ, everyone will have a seat to sit on. 

You can build them as stand alone sofas, that can be placed in sunny spots or they can be put under your favourite tree and in the shade. 

Pallet sofas are also perfect for creating cosy seating nests, snuggled up under the blankets around a warm fire. 

As well as being ideal for romantic evenings, fine dining outside in the warm Summer evenings. 

The garden pallet sofa pictured above was put together in under 15 minutes. 

You will need 3 x pallets of roughly the same size a handsaw, drill, sander and a tape measure. 

See further down this article, for the particular tools I have in my toolbox to build all these pallet garden furniture ideas.

Once built, you pallet sofas can either be left in their natural state, given cushions to give a splash of colour and comfort, or painted entirely in a variety of bright colours. 


Wood Treatment

The paint I used to brighten up this pallet garden furniture idea was a teal emulsion paint.

Which is not strictly used particular for this kind of project, emulsion is more for walls and ceilings, but a year later the colour is still as bright as ever. 

I also added a coat of external varnish – Rustins 1L Outdoor Varnish Satin – Clear for extra protection. 

Cushions not only add comfort, but are great for adding splashes of colour, if you’re just leaving the sofas in their natural state or adding a wood stain. 

The above sofa was given a light coating of Ronseal Trade 10 Year Wood Stain Exterior which can be purchased from Screwfix. 

Pallet Armchair

Upcycling a pallet into an armchair, is a slightly more complicated pallet garden furniture idea, to build than the pallet sofa. 

But it is the perfect accompaniment to pallet sofa seating.

Or can be built as a stand alone for smaller outdoor spaces such as balconies. 

This pallet armchair was built using 2 x pallets and requires a drill, handsaw, tape measure and sander. 

Paint used is a yellow emulsion.

Wooden Pallet Table

This is easier to build than the yellow armchair, but will require additional tools such as a claw hammer or a crowbar / utility tool. 

Another great accompaniment that can be finished in a variety of colours. 

I’ve never settled on a final colour for this table and have stained it, sanded and changed it’s colours several times now. 

Currently I’ve sanded down a couple of the pallet planks on the table top to give it a really nice rustic, reclaimed wood style. 

How to get Wooden Pallets

I find all my used wooden pallets for free. In fact, I find most of my reclaimed wood for free. 

And I highly suggest you do the same too! 

You can buy them online to build your pallet garden furniture ideas. 

But what’s the point in that when you can easily find, high grade pallets within walking distance of your home. 

Once you start looking, you will be amazed how many you can find within your neighbourhood left outside of people’s houses and in alleyways. 


It’s also worth asking at local supermarkets and corner shops, as they often have plenty of pallets they will be very happy for you to take off their hands. 

Street Markets

Especially fruit & veg markets – are another great source to find used wood pallets for free.

After trading has finished for the day, traders leave their rubbish and pallets which the local council come to collect.

You’re saving the refuse collectors a job by taking these off their hands.

I’ve even had the collectors come drop off pallets at my home on their way back to the depot. 

Industrial Estates

Check around the back of industrial estates and skips out front, there’s normally hundreds. Along with wooden cable drums which can also be upcycled. 

Facebook Marketplace is another place to check for free pallets.

Tools needed to make Pallet Furniture

1.  Electric Drill – I use a Makita Impact Driver and Rotary drill.

2. Woodscrews – You will need countersunk, 4.0 x 40mm screws.

3. Handsaw – A basic, handsaw such as an Irwin Jack 880 Universal Saw 22″.

4. Tape Measure –  I own a Stanley 5m tape measure. 

5. Sander – A 125mm random orbital sander will do the trick, a decent brand can be picked up cheap.

How to sell your Upcycled Pallets

Hands down, the best place to sell all your pallet garden furniture ideas, is Facebook Marketplace. 

I sold both the blue pallet garden sofa for £80 and the yellow pallet armchair for £50. They were on sale for less than a week. 

Being such bulky items and with postage costs amounting to the same price of the sale of the pallet furniture.

Selling locally via FB Marketplace is your best bet. 

The pallet armchair is small enough to fit into the back of a car and the pallet sofa can be broken down into two parts to also fit into the boot. 

I’d suggest selling via eBay as well, as long as you set your settings to local pickup only. 

But I’ve not had to as I’ve always sold pieces on Marketplace very quickly. 


How do I start building DIY pallet garden furniture? 

To start building DIY pallet garden furniture, begin by gathering the necessary materials such as pallets, screws, a saw, and a drill. Plan your design and measurements, and then carefully deconstruct the pallets to obtain the individual planks. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this article for guidance. 

Can I use any type of pallet for making garden furniture?

It is recommended to use pallets that are marked with the “HT” stamp, which stands for heat-treated. These pallets have been treated to eliminate pests and prevent wood rot. Avoid using pallets marked with “MB,” which indicate they have been chemically treated and may not be suitable for furniture making.

What tools do I need to build DIY pallet garden furniture?

The essential tools for building DIY pallet garden furniture include a saw, drill, screws, sander, and a measuring tape. Additionally, you may find it helpful to have a hammer and crow bar for construction and assembly. Refer to the article for further info. 

How do I prepare the pallets for furniture construction?

To prepare the pallets, start by removing any nails or staples using a hammer or crow bar. Next, carefully deconstruct the pallet by cutting through the nails or disassembling the pallet with a crow bar. Once you have the individual planks, sand them to smooth out any rough edges or splinters, and clean them thoroughly before starting the construction process.

Can I customise the design of my DIY pallet garden furniture?

Yes, one of the advantages of building DIY pallet garden furniture is the flexibility to customise the design according to your preferences. You can modify the dimensions, add or remove features, and even paint or stain the furniture to match your outdoor décor. Feel free to experiment and make it your own, while ensuring the structural integrity of the furniture.

How to Make a Pallet Sofa Video

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