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Best desks for small spaces in your home office

You’re probably wondering what the best desks for small spaces are whilst you’re working from home. Well, that’s a tough one because it really depends on your needs. Do you want something that looks nice? Something with lots of storage features? The cheapest option?

That’s why we put together this list of working from home tips on our best desks for small spaces, so you can get back to being productive in style!

Working from home tips: Create the perfect space for comfort and productivity

Working from home is definitely here to stay. And there comes a point where working at your dining table / breakfast bar / dressing table or on your lap on the sofa is no longer going to cut it.

Even if you only have a tiny nook somewhere for your desk to fit where you can work efficiently, there are plenty of ways to make it more of a tranquil setting.

We can’t promise it will be quiet and peaceful, but these working from home tips will help make it more organised and less stressful.

Choosing the right wooden desk type that matches your style & needs

Sometimes, finding a desk can be tricky. Some look really office-y and don’t go with your décor, many are just too big or difficult to assemble. 

Why not consider getting a desk that fits in with its surroundings, like our desk with hairpin legs? And even if you have the smallest of spaces or oddly angled area, we can provide you with a custom made, bespoke desk.

Our Classic desk with hairpin legs is perfect for small spaces. Hairpin legs are great; they were first invented in WWII when steel was scarce, so designs that used minimal materials were in demand, and they’re proving just as popular today. 

The minimalist style makes them ideal for desks that need to fit into small spaces.

Our desks with hairpin legs are available in the following powder coat finishes; Raw Steel, Clear Coat, Black, White, Pastel Green, Duck Egg, Yellow, Orange, Red, Copper and Brass. Which means they look great, no matter your interior style!

Shiny bright desk for small spaces

Desk Dimensions for small spaces

We have a range of desk dimensions available for this style of desk and all our other desks.

Our smallest desk listed on the website is 60cm length x 44cm width and is just £90 with free delivery included. The largest desk size we have listed is a huge 240x88cm.

Our standard desk widths are approx. 44cm, 66cm and 88cm. We can also do custom sizes to pretty much any dimension you need to fit into any small or odd shaped space. Get in touch if there’s a particular size you’re after that’s not already listed. 

Desk organisation and creating space: Desks with shelves above

Having a cluttered desk space when you’re working is very distracting, and often makes you less efficient. We’d definitely recommend getting some shelving to go above your desk or even a desk with shelving attached.

Any stationery that will help (such as clips and folders) is always a good, cheap investment. You want your space as clear as possible. Another working from home tip, if you are able to, is that a nice picture in your eyeline on the wall always helps, especially if it’s one that makes you feel peaceful or motivated.

Our bestselling desk, Top Punk desk with Hairpin Legs, is a desk with bookshelf attached to the desktop with steampunk fittings, which provides plenty of storage to help you stay organised.

Top Punk Desk - with bookshelf attached above

The additional section is also ideal for putting your laptop or monitor screen on. The laptop stand can help make the screen the right height for you, so you aren’t damaging your neck or eyesight by having a badly placed screen.

If using a laptop on the bookshelf, make sure you get a separate keyboard and mouse, so that you can have the screen at an angle where you aren’t bent over.

Top Punk - Square Legs - Medium Brown
Top Punk Desk - also available with industrial frame legs.

Wooden desk drawers & storage

Our Eastern Bloc desks and Wooden Desks with storage drawers are another great design of for your small home office spaces. These styles come with inbuilt storage drawers to store all your paperwork, stationery and books.

Wooden desk with inbuilt drawers & storage

Home Office Corner Desk

Home office corner desks or L shaped desks are great for small spaces as they utilise the corners of your rooms making for a more ergonomic desk option.

Our corner desks are all bespoke made, so get in touch to order one for your home office.

Desks with Cable Management

We can also cut in cable management holes into the backs of your desks which are great for hiding away numerous computer leads and living a clutter free desk life. These can be semi circle cuts along the back edge or we can cut in full moon circles further in.

We can custom add these to your desk, drop us a message if you’d like these adding to any style of our desk. Cable Management holes are available with no additional charge. 

Desk - X-Frame - Antique Brown
Desk with Cable Management

Desks with Bookshelves

Bookshelves fixed to the wall above your desk are another great space saver, as well as for adding a plant or two.  

We have a variety of shelves available to compliment any style in your home such as; Floating Shelves, Industrial Bracket Scaffold Board Shelves and Steampunk Shelves.

Light Oak Desks

We offer a range of wax finishes such as our Jacobean Dark Oak wax finishes. But for smaller spaces we would recommend going with a lighter shade, such as a Medium Brown or Antique Brown which will give your desk a Light Oak style finish.

Home Office Inspo: Colours and lighting

Lighter, neutral colours are always going to be better and make you small office space feel much bigger. Darker walls can sometimes feel enclosing and might add to feelings of stress at times. Plus, darker colours can also be considered cosier, which isn’t so good for concentration!

We’d recommend going for whites, creams or lighter shades. You can buy small pots of paint to just paint the walls around the desk, or if you have the luxury of a ‘office’ room, why not consider a little revamp?

Desk with bookshelves above

Lighting is also another important factor. Try to keep lighting soft rather than too glaring, as the reflection on the screen can cause headaches. If you’re able to work in a bright space, you only need to worry about lighting on those darker days or winter evenings.

Whatever your lighting situation, lamps that emit a warm light are always good, and make sure they aren’t shining directly at you. Try out some different options to find the best light settings for your own tastes and eyes.

Cool Desk Accessories

Home Office Inspo: Cool Desk Accessories

Plants are always a good added extra – even a little cactus can help! Plus they emit oxygen to help us feel refreshed, and people often report feeling calmer with plants nearby. You could also look into desk organisers, a nice notebook and maybe even a mug just for your days at your desk!

The conclusion of this blog post is that there are many options for desks. Your preferences should be considered when choosing the best desk to work from home, as well as everything we’ve mentioned above. There are benefits and negatives to any option, so weigh your needs before deciding on a purchase.

We hope you found our comparison helpful! What type of desk for your small space do you prefer?

Comment below or email us at  with any questions about these desks or office furniture in general!

Are you after a Bespoke Wooden Office Desk instead?

At Project Reclaim we pride ourselves on building bespoke wooden office desks to fit any all small, big or odd shaped space in your home.

So after reading through all of our above tips & suggestions and browsing through our shop,  and you still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for?

Get in touch via our webform or send us an email detailing as much information as possible about the piece you’re after. Send us your sketches, designs or pictures of already existing similar products, and anything else, that you think will help with creating your vision.

We will work with you step-by-step to create your perfect piece.

Custom Made Desk UK

There are many different styles of custom made desks available in the UK, including modern, rustic, industrial, and practical.

When you buy custom-designed pieces for your small home office space hey will be unique to you – no one else in world will have the same reclaimed wood desk as you!

The best part about a bespoke desk is that it can be made exactly how you want it; whether this means mixing wax finishes or additional features like under desk storage and ergonomic designs.

If there’s something specific that you’re looking for then we’ll find it for you – just ask! We work with all kinds of reclaimed materials and shapes so we can make anything possible

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