Project Reclaim

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Reclaimed Wood & Aftercare

We’re committed to using reclaimed wood and upcycled materials sourced from local suppliers and turning them into new, beautiful timeless pieces of furniture.

Reclaimed wood & movement

Your reclaimed wood furniture may come with bumps, dents, knots, rusted nail holes, old stains, branded imprints, cracks and blemishes for an authentic rustic look.

By not using ‘mass manufactured perfectly straight timber’, unevenness is to be expected, so your wooden tops may not have completely flat surfaces and there may be slight gaps visible in between the timber joins.

Reclaimed wood is a live material and responds to its natural surroundings and, like all living things, it ages. So over time you may notice the wood changing slightly as it adapts to your home. This is completely normal.

Wax / stain finishes

As each piece of timber is unique, there may be slight colour variations throughout your furniture, and even on a single board, as the wax/stain is applied.

The examples seen online of the available wood finishes are a representation only and pictures will differ slightly from the real thing. If you’re unsure of the right finish to choose, wood samples can be ordered here.

Cleaning your furniture

To keep your furniture clean, dust regularly with a soft cloth. Remove sticky marks with a damp cloth, taking care not to over-wet. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Avoid furniture polish or any sprays with bleach as this will take the wax off.

Our tables are treated to repel wine stains and tea/coffee ring marks, which are a common enemy of dining tables. To help combat these, we recommend using coasters, placements and table runners for extra protection – and making sure to clean up any spills straight away to prevent staining.

Refreshing your furniture

It’s recommend that you re-wax your furniture once a year to maintain protection, water-resistance and shine.

We use the Fiddes & Sons Supreme wax polish range (Antique Brown, Forest Brown, Rugger Brown & Jacobean Dark Oak) and Briwax (Medium Brown). A small tub can be purchased online for around £10 and should last for several recoats over the years.

For furniture with a light teak finish, you can refresh the look of your furniture by dampening a blue-cloth with a bit of Danish oil and wiping the surface along the grain. Distressed White – we use Rust-Oleum chalk paint.

Avoid direct heat sources

To help prevent major cracks, splits cupping or warping to your wooden furniture, keep your furniture away from direct heat sources such as sunlight, radiators, fireplaces etc.

Outdoor furniture care

The table top is water repellent and weather resistant and guaranteed not to peel or flake. The wood has also been treated to protect against wood rotting fungi, wet rot, dry rot, and wood boring insects and with a finishing oil with UV filters to prevent discolouration from the sun.

Although the table top has been treated, we recommend covering your table & benches when not in use, to offer even longer lasting protection against heavy rain and freezing temperatures.

Exterior table tops can be refreshed with the chosen stain from the Rustin’s Wood Dye range and with an additional coat of Fiddes Exterior High Build Wood Oil.

Our industrial frame legs and hairpin legs are in a powder coat finish. This is water resistant, but any scratches through the paint will expose raw metal which will then rust and can peel off the paint. If any scratches or scrapes occur over time, these parts can be easily touched up with exterior metal paint, to prevent rusting. 

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