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Best shelving for living rooms and your home: Top Picks!

Shelves are a great addition to any room, and can really transform a space, as well as creating a heap of useful storage space. But depending on which room you want your shelf in, you might need or want something slightly different to suit the space or function.

So we’ve given our recommendations on the type of shelves that could work, and how you can style them!

Shelves to use in your living room

The living room is the heart of many homes, so we all want to make sure it feels calm, homely and not too cluttered. A wall shelf for living rooms is the best way to keep things tidy, or to create a subtle feature in your room. Maybe you use it for storing books, maybe to display some plants and photos, or something else entirely. Whatever it’s for, a shelf for lounges is a great addition.

You could even try an alcove floating shelf to spruce up a boring and often underused area. Our floating shelves and other shelf ranges are perfect for your living room – check out our article on types of shelves and styling for more ideas!

Industrial Shelf Brackets - Clear

Best wall shelf for your bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, floating shelves are the best wall shelf, as they always look sleek and add something to a sometimes plain space. Floating shelf ideas for the bedroom include having one above the headboard (high enough so you don’t hit your head!) adorned with some photos or a plant. It also makes great storage if you’re tight on space and can’t fit in bedside tables. Or adding some above a chest of drawers, of down the side of a chimney breast if you live in an older house, is a great way to utilise otherwise dead space.

Shelf for your office space?

With the move to working from home, we could all do with as much storage as possible in our office spaces, and trying to keep it neat and tidy is always tricky (especially if the space doubles up for other uses). You could try a steampunk shelves for a modern industrial look, or a shelf with industrial brackets for something a little more rustic. If you aren’t keen on hanging shelves on walls, or want something that doubles up as space for a monitor, why not consider a desk with shelf built in? Our Top Punk desks is a popular one, and with bespoke options, it can fit into any space.

Bathroom: Towel rail with shelf

Similarly, A floating shelf in the bathroom is a great place to store your toiletries, trinkets and other bits and pieces, or to display a plant that loves a humid environment! An added feature of a bathroom shelf could incorporate a towel rail, adding something a bit different and making it even more functional. We’ve got some great towel shelf rail options in our store.

Kitchen storage: Wooden shelf

Whether you imagine a kitchen with floating shelf, a rustic looking wooden shelf in the kitchen, or shelves in kitchen cupboards, there is something to suit your needs. Depending on the style of your home, you might want a floating shelf or something with brackets, maybe to create an open pantry design. Whatever you need, there will be bespoke shelves to give you your dream kitchen.

Narrow Floating Shelf

Shelf for kids room

A book shelf for kids is one of the on-trend additions to a child’s room, to store all their favourite books and toys. They are a great feature to a room, from when they’re born to store all the essentials, staying with them as they grow and start to play by themselves. A baby book shelf is a timeless piece, and can be designed to fit perfectly into the space. See our bookshelf options to find out what could work for you.


What are the benefits of adding shelving to my living room?

Shelving in the living room offers several benefits, such as increased storage space for books, decorative items, and plants. It can also help organize your belongings, enhance the aesthetics of the room, and provide a platform to display your cherished photos.

What shelving styles work best in a living room setting?

The ideal shelving style for your living room depends on the overall design theme and your personal taste. Some popular styles include floating shelves, industrial bracket shelves, floating cube shelves, and freestanding shelves. Consider factors such as available space, desired storage capacity, and the aesthetic appeal you want to achieve. Our full range of shelves can be found here.

How can I determine the right size of shelving for my living room?

To determine the appropriate size of shelving for your living room, start by measuring the available space where you intend to place the shelves. Consider the height, width, and depth of the area to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, think about the items you plan to store and display on the shelves, as this will help determine the number of shelves and their spacing.

Are there any safety considerations when installing shelving in a living room?

Safety is essential when installing shelving in your living room. Ensure that the shelving is securely mounted to the wall, especially if you have young children or pets. Use the supplied brackets and fixings prevent accidents. Additionally, avoid overloading the shelves with excessive weight to maintain stability.

Final Thoughts

From steampunk shelving units to floating shelves, you’ll love adding creative storage options and decorative shelves to your living room and home. By using 100% reclaimed wood shelves, you’re also helping do your bit to the environment.

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